Attorney Rafter is committed to offering high-quality legal service and personal client attention.

What RafterLaw Offers

Smooth Handling, Fast Moving Scenarios

Legal situations can be fast moving.  Statutes of Limitations and spoilage of evidence can impact legal options.  Attorney Rafter moves quickly to preserve client right rights and set clients up for success, instead of disappointment.


Advantage of Direct Client Connectivity

Attorney Rafter is not one of those attorneys that clients can never get ahold of.  He limits his practice to the extent that he can provide tailored, direct service to each client. 

Personal Solutions

Attorney Rafter takes the extra time to explain to clients the way the law works; sometimes it is not what clients want to hear, but a client who understands the system can better decide the options.

Legal Solutions

Sometimes the courtroom is only solution and Attorney Rafter will see clients through from complaint all the way to trial.

About Attorney Rixon Rafter


Diverse Experience

Attorney Rafter is one of a small cadre of Virginia lawyers having broad experience in military, business, and private consulting before becoming a lawyer.  He understands what it means to be a 'nonlawyer', he has the capability to temper legal situations with common sense and real-world expertise that keeps clients grounded, manages expectations, and optimizes outcomes.

Attorney Rafter's approach is to focus on listening to a client’s objectives, identifying legal issues, laying out the various courses of action, and recommending the best way forward.

Smart, sensible, and cost-effective legal and solutions for RafterLaw clients.